Theme of the 63rd Quality Month

Now is the time to Practice the Quality of New Society

While people were beginning to talk about SDGs, Society 5.0, and other directions that Japanese society should take, the society we took for granted is suddenly being transformed on a global scale by the global spread of COVID-19 and military invasion that no one expected. Last year, for Quality Month, we set forth the theme of aiming for "a quality of new society". Our intention was to rethink, from the ground up, the digital transformation of business, the human resource development that supports this transformation, and communication within and outside the company that is the foundation of TQM. This year, we decided to keep taking up the banner of "quality of new society" and challenge ourselves to develop activities to realize this intention in this Quality Month.

Quality activities began with the assurance of the quality of products and services, then evolved to the quality of the processes that create products and services, as well as the quality of their design and planning, and have continued to evolve to the quality of the corporate management that supports this evolution over time. Now, if we do not take a further step forward in realizing sound social quality that supports corporate activities, our society itself will go astray in an extraordinary direction.

In order to effectively guide the quality of society in the right direction, it goes without saying that the perspective and methods of quality activities are effective, whereby we identify essential problems based on an understanding of the current state of society, and the entire society works together to resolve these problems with its wisdom. The creation of social value means the realization of customer value and corporate value. It is my hope that this Quality Month will provide an opportunity for those engaged in quality , as well as all business people who are also members of society, to think about such quality activities.

Director-General, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Chair, the 63rd Quality Month Committee