The 60th (2019) Quality Month Theme

Welcoming the Quality Month

Create and connect customer’s smiles with all people engagement

The Quality Month has started 60 years ago, in 1960 when people felt a sense of crisis, contrary to upcoming trade liberalization, through the will of related parties who wanted to create an atmosphere where manufacturers, distributors and consumers were united and strove for quality control. It was the era when even general consumers often heard of the word “quality control” through the mass media, and 10 years passed since quality control was fully introduced to Japan, in 1950, and penetrated into various businesses and SMEs.

On the other hand, looking at the current status of Japan, a multitude of changes or transitions such as globalization of business, creation of new customer value, use of ICT, the realization of a safe and secure society, productivity enhancement in the service sector, promotion of work style reforms, sustainable development including the global environment, etc. are required, resulting in a rising sense of crisis toward the future for many people. Even though collaboration between industry, government and academia related people throughout Japan is needed to overcome this crisis, establishing collaborative efforts and a sense of unity is difficult, because the ways and views with respect to “quality” and “quality management” which must be its’ pillar, vary significantly from one person to the next.

Quality management is a set of activities which improve and maintain the process of work, involving all people from top management to the frontline, throughout all direct and indirect sections including design, manufacturing, sales and marketing etc., to create a new value with a spirit of customers first. Let’s go back to where we started, feel proud of what we have enthusiastically worked on, review what has become frayed and neglected in the process, and commit to quality management by bringing each and everyone’s hearts together.

Dr. Takeshi Nakajo
Professor, Chuo University
Chair, the 60th Quality Month Committee

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