The 58th (2017) Quality Month Theme

Creation of “A Good Workplace” and “Enriched Quality”
through Smart-Processing

Given the current situation, in order to grow sustainably, Japanese companies are required to create and deliver customer and social value. Conversely, within the company, a series of changes has accelerated the way of working, such as: shortening working time, diversification, and introducing telework etc.

From the beginning, Quality Management has been put into practice for innovation and refinement of work and processes as fundamental activities, in order to deliver products and services of high quality to the customer. The establishment of “Smart-Processing” is anticipated, which brings high quality and productivity by making excellent use of a leading-edge ICT (Information and Communication Technology), such as the IoT (Internet of Things) which connects any device to any device in the value chains within the company, between companies, and even between companies, customers and society with analysis of “Big Data”, using AI (Artificial Intelligence).

The objective of “Smart-processing” is to create “A Good workplace”, in which motivation and satisfaction of employee are enhanced and lead to develop organizational capability. “A Good workplace” will give birth to innovation. High value-added products and services, obtained and used by customers, will create “Enriched quality” which exceeds customer satisfaction, thereby bringing about “Happiness”.

How are “A Good Workplace” and “Enriched Quality” alike? Let’s think about these important issues together, and establish a smart process to realize them.

Dr. Hiroshi Osada
Chair, the 58th Quality Month Committee
Professor, Bunkyo Univ. / Professor Emeritus, Tokyo Institute of Technology

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