The 57th (2016) Quality Month Theme

You take the leading role. Let's connect people, and give an impression and safety to customers through your total commitment

In order to deliver impression and safety to your customers and the society, it is necessary to brush up activities focusing on quality, which we have cultivated over the years, by the trinity: providers (i.e. companies, government authorities, etc.), recipients (i.e. consumers, citizens, etc.) and the opportunity (society).

Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa, whose centennial celebration was commemorated last year, stated: “Under Taylorism originated in the U.S., managers exercise management, and operators are treated like robots repeating the same routine every day and finally have the end of their lives.” “Management, at its heart, aims to make everyone in the world, happy with primal purpose of respect for humanity, that is, people in the organization develop autonomy, act autonomously, think deliberately, exercise all capabilities and lead a life worth living. Q(Quality), C(Cost) and D(Delivery) are absolutory the secondary purposes.”, he continued. Dr. Ishikawa recommended pursuing management not only for profits, but also for each and every person’s growth and worth living.

While the internet which connects people with people prevails, and the IoT (Internet of Things) which connects things with things is drawing attention, the most important thing is to connect “heart and thoughts” between people. Each and every one of you takes a leading role to connect “heart and thoughts”, including not only functional departments such as sales, R&D, procurement, manufacturing, construction, services, etc., but also corporate functions, such as accounting, human resources, administration, etc., and overseas affiliates, as well as consumers. Consequently, we can deliver impression and safety to establish an environmentally friendly society, with pride in work, and exchanging smiles with each other. This is the direction to which our future society from now, should proceed.

Given the above reasons, we at the committee, have decided to promote Quality Month activities this year by setting the theme “Let's connect people, and give an impression and safety”, stepping forward from last year’s theme “Let’s make an impression and safety.”

It is you who takes the leading role. Let’s act autonomously to connect each person’s heart and thoughts in the society, and deliver an impression and safety together!

Chair, The 57th Quality Month Committee
Dr. Kazuyuki Suzuki,
Project Professor, Graduate School, University of Electro-Communications